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Jessica Lunsford Act

Effective September 1, 2005, in order to comply with the Jessica Lunsford Act, vendors meeting any of the three criteria listed below will be required to be Level II fingerprinted and screened by the District’s Human Resources Department which consists of FDLE/FBI search.


  • (i) Be at school when students are present, or
  • (ii) Have direct contact with students, or
  • (iii) Have access to or control of school funds.


All Vendors awarded contracts that require contractors, workers, or subcontractors to perform services on school facility grounds will comply with the DeSoto County School Board Policy for Fingerprinting & Background Screening. The expense of the fingerprinting and background screening is to be borne by the contractor or individual unless waived by the Superintendent. Contact the DeSoto School District Human Resource Department for current costs and appointment procedures; 863-494-4222 ext#1102.


The DeSoto School District does share screening data. A Share Authorization Form & Vendor ID Form may be obtained from our HR Department as noted above.