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Greetings from the Transportation Department. We want to welcome you to the 2024-2025 school year. Transportation is an important part of your child’s educational experience. Our goal is to make sure your child arrives to school and is returned home safely each day. Please check in from time to time for important updates about scheduling, routes and public programs from within our department.


Are you planning for your child to ride a school bus for the 2024-2025 school year?  To control bus capacities and keep our students safe, each student must be register, and assigned to a school bus, PRIOR to riding.  You can register your child using the link below or by contacting the Transportation Department.  Unregistered students waiting at a bus stop will be transported to school and turned over to an administrator.  Unregistered students will not be transported home after school.  The parent/guardian will be responsible for transportation after school until the student is registered.

  • Please complete a separate registration for EACH student that will need to ride a bus.

  • Eligible students will be assigned only ONE bus stop, determined by the address in the school system.

  • Students that are NOT riding a bus to school should NOT complete a registration.




Rules for Riding a School Bus

  • Classroom conduct is to be observed on the bus at ALL times
  • Each student is to enter the bus quietly, take a seat, and remain seated
  • Students will show respect to the bus driver and school property (bus)
  • Students are to keep hands and feet to themselves
  • Students are to keep arms and hands inside windows
  • Language must be positive and school appropriate. Abusive or profane language is not acceptable
  • All talking should be kept at a low tone and NO TALKING at RAILROAD CROSSINGS
  • A student who must cross the road, should walk up to the front of the bus and wait for the driver to instruct them to cross
  • Each student is required to stay seated and face the front of the bus
  • If you are a passenger in a bus equipped with seat belts, you must wear the seat belt at all times (FS316.6145)
  • A new student or any student with a bus change must get a bus pass from the school office
  • For safety reasons the following are not allowed on the bus: alcohol, tobacco products, drugs, knives, guns, weapons of any kind, animals (dead or alive), glass, sharp objects, bats, batons, basketballs, balloons, large flags, large band instruments, food, or drinks

Your help is needed in assuring that your child follows the rules. Please remember that riding a bus is a privilege, and if rules are broken your child may lose that privilege.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding the safe transportation of our students, please don't hesitate to call our office at (863) 485-1500.

Please refer to the additional links in the margin to access more information, including bus routes.