Purchasing » FAQs


1.  What commodities & services does the Purchasing Department facilitate for the District?


The Purchasing Department provides centralized purchasing support for all schools and divisions. All requests for equipment, supplies and services are processed by this department with the exception of new technology and textbooks. Please contact the Technology Division and Instructional Services Division for these areas.



2.  Are there procedures for Purchasing Department appointments?


Impromptu visits by sales representatives are welcome, but it is recommended, whenever possible, to schedule appointments to assure appropriate staff will be available to meet with you.



3.  How does a company apply to become an approved vendor?


The School Board of DeSoto County does not maintain an application process to pre-approve vendors for doing business. Vendors are invited to register on the self-maintained solicitation/quote notification system under the Links section of this website.



4.  Does the School Board of DeSoto County offer contract award preferences or set-asides to minority-owned or women-owned business enterprises?


Not currently.



5.  How does a vendor file a Bid Protest?


Please see the Bid Protest Procedures posted under the Documents section of this website.



6.  Where is the Purchasing Department located?


The Purchasing Department is located in the School Board Administration Building, 530 LaSolona Avenue, Arcadia, Florida, 34266. Main Telephone: 863-494-4222, Fax: 863-494-9675. Normal business hours are from 8:00am to 4:30pm, Monday thru Friday.