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  1. To create a challenging, supportive educational environment that results in higher levels of achievement for all students which includes: reading with comprehension, writing clearly, computing accurately, thinking, reasoning, and using information to solve problems.

  2. To provide leadership to agencies serving youth, ensuring family support and academic success.

  3. To help all employees become educational leaders who provide responsible and innovative leadership to achieve effective instruction for all students.

  4. To hold everyone in the school district accountable for contributing to the educational bottom line: student achievement.

  5. To create an organizational culture that considers employees to be its most valuable resource and invests in their professional growth and development.

  6. To create within the entire community a sense of ownership of the schools and a belief that a quality public school system is an investment in the continued growth and prosperity of DeSoto County.


Adopted by the School Board of DeSoto County on June 13, 2000
Updated on July 26, 2005
Updated July 17, 2007

Guiding Principles

  1. Students, the quality of instruction and services provided to students, and the needs of students will be central concerns in all decisions made in the School District of DeSoto.

  2. Integrity, honesty, openness, and responsiveness are core values in the School District of DeSoto.

  3. Decisions should be made as close to the point of implementation as possible and based on consideration of all available resources.

  4. The schools belong to the community, whose input and partnerships are essential to effectively meet the needs of students.

Mission Statement

The mission of the School District of DeSoto is to prepare all students to be successful citizens and productive workers.