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Construction Services

To be eligible for consideration, interested contractors and construction management firms or groups must be pre-qualified by the School Board of DeSoto County pursuant to Florida Law.


Applications are accepted at the time any Construction related solicitation is issued. Participation in the solicitation is not required to submit for pre-qualification.


Pre-Qualification Committee:


The Pre-qualification committee will review and evaluate applications and make recommendations for type of project, dollar volume, and limits allowed within the scope of the prequalification. The committee may include a contractor, parent, design professional, CPA, facilities planner, and others as determined by the board.




  1. The School Board reserves the right to declare any submission ineligible at any time during the process where developments arise which adversely affects the respondent’s responsibility.

  2. The School Board reserves the right to conduct any investigation and consider any evidence relevant to the qualifications and capabilities of Respondent(s) to perform the work contemplated. The investigation may include, but is not limited to, a detailed review of references, current and previous entities for whom work or services within the respondent’s category has been performed, an inspection of the respondent’s facilities, equipment, personnel and any other evidence including financial, technical and other qualifications and abilities of the Respondent.

  3. The School Board reserves the right to cancel a solicitation at any time prior to award, to reject any and all responses and/or portions thereof.


    Email completed Pre-Qualification Applications to: [email protected]

If you have any questions please call our Purchasing Department. (863) 494-4222 ext.1115

Pre Qualification Application