Transportation » FAQs


1.  How do I contact the Transportation Department?

The Transportation phone number is (863)-494-4222 ext. 1600

2.  How do I get my child registered on a bus?

Contact the school to issue your child a bus pass. The driver will give your child a registration form that will be filled out by you and returned with all the information the driver needs to register your child on the bus.

3.  I recently moved and I want to have my child ride the bus today. I do not have transportation to get him/her to and from school, what can I do?

You must make sure your personal information, home address, etc. has been changed at the school. A bus cannot be assigned until the correct information shows in the school's system. The school will then inform you of the correct bus stop time and location. A student registration form will be given to your child by the driver and he or she will be registered on that bus once it is returned completely filled out.

4.  Should I remain at the bus stop if my child's bus is running late?

Yes, you should remain at the stop, but call into the Transportation office, at (863)-494-4222 ext. 1600 to get a time frame of the pick-up.

5.  Why is the bus late the first week of school?

The buses may run late due to making sure students are on the correct buses, and no students are left behind.

6.  If my child has left an item, cell phone, lunch, book bag, etc. on the bus how do I get the item returned to my child?

You may call the Transportation office at (863)-494-4222 ext. 1600 to see if the item has been turned in, or have your child ask for the item the next time that he or she rides. The driver will secure the item on the bus.

7.  What time should my child be at the bus stop waiting for bus pick-up?

You should have your child waiting at the bus stop 5 minutes prior to the scheduled bus pick-up time.

8.  Why can't I just put my child on a bus that I see stopping in my neighborhood?

That bus may be assigned to a different school than your child attends. You will need to call the Transportation Department to get your child's correct bus number and bus stop.