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The Information Technology Department is responsible for the planning, installation, and support of the District’s technology in use. We manage devices from small tablet computers up to large file and application servers, and everything in between. We work hard to design and maintain a network that allows students, faculty, and staff to have quick, reliable, and safe access to the data we need to enhance education, whether that data is housed here within the school, or on a website across the world.

We research, review, and recommend technology to help teachers enhance instruction in the classroom, such as student workstations, LCD projectors, interactive whiteboards, interactive assessment systems, document cameras, and more.

We maintain the data within many different systems to give parents and students online access to grades, to allow students to access several online educational learning and assessment systems, and much more.

Here’s a snapshot of the number of devices that we currently support on our network:

  • 2000 desktop computers
  • 5000 Chrome devices
  • 1500 laptop computers
  • 500 Tablets                          
  • 500 interactive whiteboard devices
  • 50 file and application servers
  • 6500 student, faculty and staff network accounts
  • 600 IP Phones
  • 500 IP Cameras

We’re always looking for ways to make technology a helpful tool and not a hindrance to all our customers, whether that’s a student or teacher in the classroom, a principal in their office, or you viewing this website.

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