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My District Virtual School
My District Virtual School is a school of choice and offers a full‐time virtual program for students in grades K‐12. My District Virtual School is a public school and follows the Student Progression Plan of the School Board of DeSoto County. Accordingly, students take part in district and state testing, are held to Florida compulsory attendance laws, and have the opportunity to earn a standard high school diploma if all requirements are met. We expect all students to exercise and demonstrate good digital citizenship. Students work from home and parents are responsible to see that students complete required work daily.

What is the difference between Home Education and Virtual Education?

There is a distinct difference between Full Time Virtual Education and Home Education.  See the chart below for a comparison of the two programs.

  Home Education Virtual Education
Enrollment To enroll the parent completes the “Intent to Home Educate” form and declares the student as Home Education within the district through Debbie Lucas  in Student Services 863-993-1333.
To begin a parent completes an application form during the open enrollment period. All students that meet the enrollment criteria during the Open Enrollment Period will be enrolled in My District Virtual School
Curriculum The parent is responsible for selecting and implementing the curriculum. Additionally, the parent is responsible for documenting and submitting the proper paper for a Home School Annual Evaluation to the Department of Student Services each year.

The curriculum used in My District Virtual School is selected from State of Florida approved Virtual Instruction Provider (VIP). The rigorous curriculum is aligned to the state standards. All instructors are highly qualified, in-field teachers employed by the North East Florida Education Consortium (NEFEC). The student must meet all grade level requirements for student promotion. If students have not completed a certain percentage (ex: 20% of course work within the first few weeks of the course they will be dropped from the course). If your student is dropped from the course they will need to seek completing that course in a different manner & from a different school.

Assessment Home Education does not require students to participate in state and local assessments; however, students have the option to participate if they so choose. My District Virtual School students are required to participate in all State and Local Assessments. You must go to the local school assigned to you to complete the state and local assessments in DeSoto County.
Graduation / Diploma Home Education does not require graduation requirements including State testing, credits, etc. Students do not receive a diploma. My District Virtual School does not award a standard diploma. Your student may not walk in the graduation ceremony with DHS.
Environment Home Education students have the flexibility of working from home and have the option of working year-round. My District Virtual students have the flexibility of working from home and designing their own school days, however attendance requirements must be met weekly. Students are only able to complete coursework during the academic year.


How do I enroll in Virtual School? 

The My District Virtual School enrollment has closed. Students may only enroll in Virtual School during the open enrollment period. The 2024-2025 open enrollment period begins on April 12th and runs through July 11th. 

Where can I find more information about Virtual Education?

Additional information about virtual education can be accessed via the Florida Department of Education at the following link: