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Federal Programs and Grants Department

To the Department for Federal Programs and Grants


The mission of the School District of DeSoto County is to prepare all students to be successful citizens and productive workers.


  • The Department of Federal Programs and Grants supports that mission by providing guidance and oversight for federal projects throughout the school district. It is our goal to bridge the gap of our low performing students, children of migratory farm workers, and students with English deficits, by implementing appropriate initiatives to meet their needs. 


  • This work is accomplished in compliance with all federal and state regulations, while maximizing the use of federal funds allocated to the school district each year.


This department houses information related to district federal programs and funding initiatives for grants related to programs listed, but not limited to the following:


•Migrant Services (Title I, Part C)  •Neglected and Delinquent At Risk Youth (Title I, Part D)

English Language Acquisition & Newly Arrived Immigrants (Title III)           

Rural & Low Income Schools Program (Title V)       

     Education of Homeless Children and Youth Project (Title IX)         

ESOL              •Homeless Education Programs           Parent Involvement Programs


Thank you for visiting our site, please browse the links beneath Federal Programs and Grants
in the left-hand margin of the page to find more information about active programs
and resource documents related to federal funding.


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