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Welcome to the Student Services Department. This area is currently under construction for additions and improvements to current services and programs that impact all students. All materials previously accessed under Student Support Services can be found within this department's pages. More specific information about specific student services and the district representatives affiliated with each, will be listed below. For support services documents and resource files, please click the links in the margin on the left under Student Services.

It is the mission of the student services staff to advocate for, educate, serve and empower students, parents and other school staff, through interagency collaboration and partnering with the community to provide specialized services focused on fostering academic and social success. Through this department, students and families will be linked to community resources and programs designed to match needs with availability in certain areas.


For information or assistance with general and support services listed below, please reference the staff list link to the left:

  • Advocacy for students, parents, and the school system
  • Attendance Education & Compliance
  • Case Management
  • CINS/FINS Referrals
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Dropout Prevention & DJJ Contract Management
  • Home Education Monitoring and Record Keeping
  • Home Visits and Family Outreach
  • Individual and Group Counseling
  • Information, training and response for Child Abuse and Neglect
  • Missing Children
  • Partial Enrollment
  • Social & Developmental Assessments
  • Student Assistance Program (SAP)
  • Teen Parent Education & Lifestyle Assistance
  • Teen Court Facilitation



Multi-Tiered Support System Resources:


Parents please view these linked files for resources and guidance concerning our school support system.

Please click below for active resources and program links housed on other district related pages:




To make a referral to Student Support Services, please use this referral form: Student Support Services Referral

To Report a Suspicion of Child Abuse or Neglect:                                                                                         

There are four options for reporting child abuse and neglect to the Florida Abuse Hotline.

1. Telephone—by calling (800) 962-2873, or (800) 96-ABUSE

2. TDD—by calling (800) 453-5145

3. Fax—by faxing the completed form on pages 105 and 106 to (800) 914-0004 (click on Resource for School Personnel below)

4. Web reporting—by visiting to complete a web report

The preferred option to report child abuse and neglect is to call (800) 96-ABUSE and talk directly to an Abuse Hotline counselor. This option must be used in all cases of abuse, neglect, and/or exploitation that involve emergency situations.

Click Here for Child Abuse & Neglect Resource for School Personnel  

Additional resource guides are currently being drafted with updated information; please defer to staff members with questions on specific resource programs listed in the files below: