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Technology Request Forms Guidelines

DeSoto County School District

Technology Request Process


What is the Technology Request Process and how do I complete it?

The Technology Request Process is used to select and implement new or upgraded hardware, software or web based subscriptions. This process is not meant to restrict innovation, but rather to ensure that technology resources are used as creatively, efficiently, and effectively as possible. The ultimate goal is to ensure an articulated learning experience for our students as they progress from kindergarten through grade twelve.

 When should I use the Technology Request Process? When should I not use it?

 You must use this process whenever a new or upgraded hardware or software item is considered for implementation. You do not need to use the process for implementation of previously approved technologies. Note however, this process must be used for any technology implementation that is “new to an area of study” (i.e. iPods are currently being used in all the schools. The entire second grade wants to buy iPods for use in their classrooms. We would need to pilot this technology in a few settings prior to purchasing for full scale implementation. In this case, this request would need to be completed.)

 Who created this process and why?           

 The K-12 Information Technology Committee has the responsibility for investigating hardware/software for the K-12 technology curriculum. To help with this task, the committee created this process and document. This process:

  • supports teachers as they choose software and hardware for instruction.
  • encourages careful decision-making at the building and district level regarding new hardware and software.
  • establishes and maintains consistency regarding the upgrading of hardware and software in our schools.
  • ensures technical and instructional support for hardware and software.


 Does this document and the accompanying forms ensure funding for my proposal?

 No. The completion of this process and the attached forms concerns approval for the use of the new technology, not funding. It is the responsibility of the applicant to secure funding for any proposal. Funding sources must be identified before your proposal can be submitted.

Where can I get funds for this proposal?

 Funds for your proposal must come through discussions with your department, or building technology committee. You may be able to secure funds from the following sources:

  •   Grade level or Department budgets. See your team leader or department chair.
  •   Building technology funds. See your building technology committee chairperson or building principal).
  •  District technology funds. See your building technology committee chairperson or building principal).
  •  Other Departments. In some cases, your proposal may qualify for funding from sources (i.e. Pupil Services, the Curriculum Office, etc.).
  •  Grants/Alternative sources. These include the DeSoto Education Foundation, and other state, national and corporate grants.


 Where can I go for support for...

 ... completing the information on the form?

 For technical information about the software or hardware that you are proposing, meet with your building CRT or the District Technology Coordinator. For instructional information, you can meet with the Instructional Tech Coordinator, your building technology committee, or any member of the K-12 District IT Committee.

 ... reviewing software?

 There are several places you can get this form of support:

  •  the internet can be a great source of reviews and information
  •  Instructional Tech Coordinator

 ... technical information about hardware and software?

  •  Contact your CRT.

 ... reviewing my proposal with others?

 Contact your grade level or department chair first, then with your Assistant Principle when you are ready to submit your proposal.

The Technology Request Process

1.  Discussion with Constituencies

 After collecting all of the necessary information, the person(s) who piloted the new technology shares their information with their immediate constituents and appropriate area coordinator. The usefulness of the item is evaluated. A determination is made to continue or discontinue its use. If a wider implementation is desired, Steps 3 and 4 must be followed.

2. Building-Level Approval

 Multi-use (three or more members) acquisitions of hardware, software and/or subscriptions must be approved by the building technology committee and principal.

 3. District Approval

 The District Information Technology Committee must review and approve any new technology that will be used by a large constituency. Examples include:

  • a grade level
  • a department
  • a school
  • K-5 teachers
  • office staff
  • all DeSoto staff and faculty members

Please click on the  form below  and save it on your computer to begin the process.

Please click on the  form below  and save it on your computer to begin the process.

If you cannot view the form field part of this form once you have saved the form. Please update your Adove Reader to the latest version. To obtain the latest version of Adobe please click here.