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Active Bids and Solicitations

2223-0017 RFP- Replacement of Network Switches
Project Information
The School District of DeSoto County is seeking a vendor to replace network switches in school sites. It is the intent of the district to evaluate cost-effective solutions based on installation availability, ability of the vendor to provide quality installation in a timely fashion, warranty service, field expertise, and price. This is a turnkey project. 
Vendor will:
●    Participate in a pre-bid walkthrough to ensure proper port/equipment count
●    Design network per specifications detailed below
●    Unplug the patch cords from the switches.
●    Remove the existing switches.
●    Install and program the new switches.
●    Plug in the patch cords
●    Test to make sure everything is connected (Transparent LAN Connection, Wi-Fi, phones and computers).
●    Clean up any trash and place in dumpster.
●    Return old equipment to DeSoto County School District Technology Office.
●    Provide an inventory of all equipment by school and closet with serial number and sticker showing date of installation.
●    Provide full network map in PDF and Visio format
Network Design Concept
Network shall be designed with the following concepts in mind:
●    Each Physical Building Shall have:
○    Specific VLANs:
■    Wired Data VLAN
■    Wireless Data VLAN
■    Voice VLAN
■    Security VLAN
■    Printer VLAN
■    Audio VLAN
●    Layer 3 routing on a per-building level to ensure only necessary traffic traverses back to district HQ
All buildings are connected via district owned fiber at 10GB with the exception of Nocatee Elementary, which uses a 500MB Metro-E connection

THE SCHOOL DISTRICT OF DESOTO COUNTY is seeking a company to provide an emergency-use zero-dollar “stand-by” contract with one (1) or more Consultant(s) who will, as needed, provide a wide range of disaster management, mitigation, and recovery professional services.

FY2023 E-RATE:
The School District of DeSoto County is seeking multiple Category 1 and Category 2 pricing options. All information can be found in the USAC Portal, however as a courtesy has been posted below with the associated information: