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Reporting & Crisis Info

Please click on the links below to explore information on Bullying, Child Abuse & Reporting, and Title IX Information.

See Something - Say Something- DO SOMETHING!
Report bullying to a teacher, counselor, SRO, or
any adult at your school.
• Disagreement or argument in
which both sides express their
• Equal power between those
• Generally stop and change
behavior when they realize it
is hurting someone
• Goal is to hurt,
harm or humiliate
• Person bullying has more power*
• Repeated and they Continue behavior
when they realize it is hurting
• Bullying includes Cyberbullying
which involves the use of
social media and/or technology
to engage in bullying behaviors.

* Power differential can be either
real or perceived.
988: The New and Easy-to-Remember Crisis Resource Number - Wellness  Connection - Blog - UTHealth Houston

Youth Suicide Awareness and Prevention Training for K-12 Instructional Personnel

The following are the department-approved youth suicide awareness and prevention training for K-12 instructional personnel per s. 1012.583, F.S., and Rule 6A-4.0010, F.A.C.: