Code of Student Conduct & District Plans

Code of Student Conduct
The School District of DeSoto County strives to foster an atmosphere of learning and informed decision making wherein students can be successful with an understanding of expectations, process, rights, consequences and opportunity for success. The Code of Student Conduct outlines the rights and responsibilities of students, behavioral expectations, prohibited conduct, and an overview of the conduct process. Definitions for terminology as well as acronyms used throughout the Code of Student Conduct may be found throughout the document as well as within Appendix II. The School Board of DeSoto County approves the Code of Student Conduct annually. This document is distributed to all stakeholders via hard copy or electronic means.

Dropout Prevention Plan
This Dropout Prevention Plan is created and/or reviewed annually by the School District of DeSoto County’s Dropout Prevention Task Force as a means to raise the graduation rate as well as decrease the dropout rate for the School District of DeSoto County. This plan contains historical information pertaining to the District's dropout and graduation rates. Within the plan focus areas identified and strategies addressing each focus area are included. This plan is presented to and approved by the School Board of DeSoto County annually. The 2019-2020 plan is currently in development.