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Mental Health / Counseling

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School District of DeSoto County offers counseling opportunities to our students. We have increased the number of social workers and mental health counselors in the District to provide students with counseling services. If you have any concerns about your child you are now able to submit a Counseling Screening Form and your child will be assessed by a professional to determine need. If district employees have concerns they are able to submit a referral as well. If a referral is received for your child from a district employee you will be contacted. Please note that your child will never be screened without your consent. 


If you are interested in your child receiving a screening, you may complete the a referral form "SY20 Counseling Referral Form - Parent" in the documents section below and submit it to the guidance counselor, social worker, or mental health counselor at your child’s school.


If you have questions pertaining to these services please call the Department of Student Services at (863)993-1333.