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Q: Why would a School Social Worker contact a parent?


·         School Social Workers contact parents to discuss many types of concerns including: attendance problems; academic difficulties; emotional and behavioral difficulties; obtaining signatures on official documents; and assisting with basic family needs.

·         To serve as a liaison between home and school--- School Social Workers assess problems impacting student achievement with the goal of promoting academic growth and success by eliminating barriers.

·         To complete student evaluations and/or observations---As members of a school team, School Social Workers complete evaluations (i.e. Social and Developmental History, etc.) when students are experiencing academic, behavioral, and/or emotional difficulties.

·         To conduct conferences when the school is unable to reach parents/guardians due to lack of updated contact information (phone number/address, etc.) or when parents/guardians are unable to come to the school due to challenges with transportation and/or other commitments.



2.  Q: How do School Social Workers assist families with basic needs?


School Social Workers link families with community resources which can assist with basic needs such as:

·         Financial assistance

·         Food

·         Clothing

·         School supplies

·         Housing

·         Medical

·         Counseling services

·         Parenting support



3.  Q: Why may School Social Workers verify a student’s home address and home numbers?


By law, parents must provide the school the most recent address and phone numbers in case of an emergency.