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English for Speakers of Other Languages
The English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) page is designed to meet the needs of English Language Learners (ELLs) who come from homes where the native language is one other than English
  • ELL students may have difficulty understanding, speaking, reading and writing in English without additional instruction. Currently, these students represent over seven languages and are assisted by ESOL Program Services based on eligibility.
  • ELL students receive classroom instruction using research-based, effective teaching methods. In addition, bilingual assistants help students in content area classes and provide assistance to families to improve communication between the home and the school community.

Our Program Goals:

  1. To help students attain English Language Proficiency so they may succeed and excel in all areas of academics.
  2. To provide instruction that satisfies diverse cultural and language needs.
  3. To promote an appreciation of different cultures in the community and their contributions to society.

Please reference the link below for additional ESOL resources:

School & District ESOL Contacts
Memorial Elementary School - Faviana Villafuerte  Phone: (863)494-2736  Email Faviana Villafuerte
Nocatee Elementary School - Francisca Muniz  Phone: (863) 494-0755  Email Francisca Muniz
West Elementary School - Debra Young  Phone: (863) 494-3155  Email Debra Young
DeSoto Middle School - Janice Aquino-Augustin  Phone: (863) 494-4133  Email Janice Aquino-Augustin
DeSoto Middle School - Mariela Aguilar  Phone: (863) 494-4133  Email Mariela Aguilar
DeSoto County High School - Sarah Oravec  Phone: (863) 494-3434  Email Sarah Oravec
DeSoto County High School - Maria Mendieta  Phone: (863) 494-3434  Email Maria Mendieta
Director of Instructional Services - Carrie Fuller  Phone: (863) 494-4222  Email Carrie Fuller
Coordinator of ESOL & Migrant Services - Shannon Rhea  Phone: (863) 494-4222 Email Shannon Rhea
Federal Programs Secretary - Kim Aument  Phone: (863) 993-1333  Email Kim Aument
ESOL Resources