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FPL shows MES The Power of Caring


They’re the first ones we call in our darkest hour, and as sure as the sun will rise, the lights come on again; they are the men and women of the Florida Power & Light Company, and The School District of DeSoto County would like to thank them for their kindness.


On Wednesday, March 8th, 68 volunteers from several departments of FPL visited Memorial Elementary to complete a project of great need for the school. During their Power to Care Week, Area Manager of External Affairs, Rae Dowling, reached out to Superintendent Adrian H. Cline and offered to donate approximately $3000 in supplies, and a priceless amount of manpower to paint every exterior door on campus.


Superintendent Cline stated, “Your presence at Memorial Elementary School today accomplishes two important objectives.  First, the painting of these doors addresses an important facility need at this school that was previously scheduled as a district project during the summer.  With this valuable assistance from FPL, we will now be able to use the money previously budgeted for this project on other facilities needs at the school level.  Second, our students learn a positive lesson from seeing adults volunteer to do something important for others.  We can talk about the importance of giving back to our community, but when students actually see others doing this, the lesson becomes very real.  We appreciate the partnership with FPL.” 


Facilities Director, Bobby Turnipseed exclaimed, “This was the school with the biggest need aesthetically, and we could not have done this project without their help.”


According to Dowling, FPL has hosted their Power to Care Week for nine years now, and with it they service communities all across the state. Dowling has been working with FPL for 33 years and has assisted with several large power projects in DeSoto and surrounding counties including the installation of our local solar field and the relief efforts for the community during Hurricane Charley.


“We live in these communities and we love to be able give back to where we live; I’ve even heard that some of our men and women volunteering today actually went to school here,” Dowling said.


She recounted that often times electricity can be taken for granted, although it is an essential fiber of the community, but it is important for everyone to give back and not take for granted the ability to make the area the best it can be for our families and friends.


The District cannot express enough gratitude to all those who organized this great event, but especially to the men and women who volunteered their time. Our schools and community have been made brighter by all you continue to do.


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