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DeSoto County Education Foundation

What is the DeSoto County Education Foundation?
The DeSoto County Education Foundation, Inc. is an independent not-for-profit organization whose corporate purpose is to focus the private sector upon enhancing the quality of and support for public education in DeSoto County. The foundation was officially formed on May 19, 1997. The Board of Directors consists of fifteen members exclusively from DeSoto County. In addition, the DeSoto County Education Foundation is a member of the Consortium of Florida Education Foundations.

Foundation Directors
Richard Bowers, Betty Brown, John Burtscher, Bill Hackney, Donnie Knoche, Judy Kirkpatrick, Keith Markey, Maria Moreno, Steve Muse, Ann Ryals,Amy Sorrells, Pat Symons, Terri Womack

Foundation Officers
Ann Ryals, Chair; Betty Brown, Secretary; Bill Hackney, Treasurer

Directors Emeritus
Eugene Hickson, Tom Lipe, Mary Stemm

Foundation Advisor
Geraldine Scott

Executive Director

Martha Jo Markey


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