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Instructional Services Division
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Welcome to the Division of Instructional Services, where our goals are:

  • to make sure that every teacher engages in best instructional practice;
  • to ensure that every student is engaged in learning that is relevant, interesting, and provides a solid foundation for his/her future;
  • and to provide support, materials, and professional development that are effective and timely.

The Division of Instructional Services provides support and resources for students, parents, teachers, and administrators that will ensure that all DeSoto County Schools students have the best instruction and learning opportunities to prepare them for their future. Members of this division oversee the implementation of curriculum based on Next Generation Sunshine State Standards and Common Core Standards, assist with the selection of instructional materials, and ensure that instruction and assessment are aligned with state goals for student performance. Professional development activities for teachers, administrators, and para-professionals are designed to enhance instructional practice at all levels. All state assessments and related accountability activities are also the responsibility of this division. The Division is also responsible for implementing federal programs related to the Elementary and Secondary Education act. These include Title I, II, III, VI, and X, and the appropriate sub-parts. Specific areas for which the Division is responsible include:

  • Curriculum
    • Elementary
    • Secondary
      • Advanced Placement
      • Dual Enrollment
      • Career and Technical Education
    • District Reading Plan
  • Federal Programs
    • Title I Improving the Academic Achievement of the Disadvantaged
      • Part A Basic
      • Part C Migrant Education Program
      • Part D Neglected and Delinquent
      • Parent Involvement
    • Title II Part A Preparing, Training, and Recruiting High Quality Teachers and Principals
    • Title III ESOL
    • Title VI Rural and Low Income Schools Program
    • Title X Homeless Education Program
  • Home Education
  • Professional Development
  • Virtual Education

For information regarding any of the above, call 863.494.4222. Also, please use the links beneath Instructional Services Division in the left-hand margin of the page to find more information.

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